Tentipi Impregnating Agent 1 litre


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Impregnating agent 1 litre.


Acapella Agent has been developed for heavy fabrics such as army tents, boat covers and awnings. Avoid using agents which are sprayed on the fabric but if you nevertheless choose such an agent, spread it out with a brush so that the fabric is properly dampened as spraying only gives a thin surface coating and is therefore easily worn off. Acapella’s impregnating agent provides thorough renovation and protects against both rotting and water.

Coverage: 1-litre treats between 3-6 m2 fabric, which means that for your tipi you will need the following amounts of diluted Acapella reproofing solution.

Each Litre of Acapella solution needs to be diluted with 20% water and mixed well.ᅠᅠ

Clean the canvas, rinse thoroughly and allow time for the tent to dry thoroughly before applying the Acapella reproofing treatment.

    • Spread the dry canvas on a firm surface.


    • Shake the container of Acapella well. If more than one container is being used, you can mix the contents of both, to avoid differences in shade.


    • Each litre of reproofing solution should then be diluted with (0.2l = 200cm3ᅠ = 20%) of water and mixed thoroughly.


    • Apply a thin coat with a stiff brush, always brushing in the same direction. Let the seams act as borders for the different sections.


    • If pools of fluid form; brush them out immediately to avoid patches of different colours when the fabric dries.


    • Reproof the whole canvas at the same time


    • If the tipi canvas appears blotchy a second treatment needs to be applied.


  • For the second treatment, where necessary: dilute Acapella with 10% water and apply once more.

The canvas will usually be dry to touch after about 4 hours. We recommend hanging the tent in a well-ventilated space for a further 2-3 days prior to use.

The colour marking on the container indicates the colour of the contents. Always test on a hidden part of the canvas first.

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