• Evernew Titanium Ti DX Stove Set

    DX Set includes the alcohol stove and a pot stand which also works as a windshield
    The versatile stand allows you to use with wood / solid fuel as well as alcohol
    Fits nicely inside of EVERNEW 500ml Pot for easy packing
    Weight: 86g (3.03 oz)
    Material: Titanium

  • Primus Omnifuel II Stove with Fuel Bottle & Pouch

    OmniFuel is our most award-winning stove ever. It has been tested extensively over many years and has proven itself on countless expeditions. It is extremely robust, reliable and powerful and designed to handle demanding situations, extreme altitudes and both low and high temperatures. The updated OmniFuel II is just as capable as before but has a more compact format. The new pot supports (grids) locks securely in the unfolded position and folds tighter making the stove more compact when stuffed away. The jets are clearly marked for each fuel type and attached to the pot supports (grids) so that they are never lost. With 3000 watts OmniFuel II has power to spare. Can be used with virtually any kind of fuel, including gas, gasoline/petrol, diesel, kerosene/paraffin – even aviation fuel. The control knob allows you to adjust the flame from simmer to boil, even while wearing gloves. OmniFuel II comes with an ErgoPump™, a multi-tool with a cleaning needle, a windscreen and a heat reflector.

  • Soto Storm Breaker Stove

    • Multi fuel – works with white liquid fuels (white gas aka Coleman Fuel, unleaded petrol, aviation fuel) and butane/iso-butane gas cartridges.
    • Self Priming – no need to preheat.
    • Instantly change type of fuel by switching fuel-line bayonet.
    • Gas conversion unit inverts the cartridge to help improve fuel flow.
    • Concave burner head for flame resistance in windy conditions.
    • Easy to maintain – the generator unit consists of 3 parts. No need to remove the jet to clean.
    • Output: 3500W / 11780BTU
    • Weight: 273g / 443g with Smart Pump

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