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Premium British firesteels by StrikeFire.

Made in the EU to exacting standards, our firesteels can match or even superceed ANY firesteel currently on the market! A claim we are happy to stand by!

The Large size (also known as Army) is rated for 12,000 strikes whereas the medium (also known as Scout) is rated for up to 3,000 strikes. Both provide reliable fire lighting solutions in almost any meteorological conditions. When “struck” with an appropriate tool, our firesteel will produce sparks of up to 3,000 degrees celsius, meaning even low quality or slightly damp tinders can be ignited. Exactly what is needed in a survival scenario.


Each firesteel is supplied with a tough handle and our very own propriatory hardened steel striker, all tied together with a genuine, reflective 550 paracord lanyard. The reflective lanyard will glow like a beacon when a light is shone at it, making it easier to find if dropped on a forest floor.

Scope of use

Great for camping, campfires, stoves, bushcraft, firecraft, survival, prepping , bug out and more.


Large (Army) – 7.5cm x 0.9cm – Rated for 12,000 strikes.

Accept no inferior copies.

StrikeFire is made in Britain!

Ferrocerium fire starters, like the StrikeFire, have become a fundamental tool in bushcraft, as they are the most dependable means of lighting a fire with sparks, regardless of weather conditions. Unlike a box of matches or a cigarette lighter, the StrikeFire fire starter can light literally thousands of fires, 12,000 for this Large version. At 3,000 degrees Celsius, the sparks from a StrikeFire will light a huge range of natural and man-made tinders, including gas and petrol camping stoves.

The StrikeFire is a new British made product using the best ferrocerium rod available, a hardened steel scraper and reflective paracord lanyard.

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