Helko Swedish linseed oil


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Finest quality, cold-pressed raw Swedish linseed oil for seasoning wooden hatchet and axe handles.  A natural and environmentally friendly, deep penetrating oil that nourishes and seals wood, and enhances grain definition.


Our handles are coated in linseed oil, but to properly season a wooden handle more coats should be applied over time.  The old saying when you get a new handle is, “Oil it once a day for a week, once a week for a month and once a month for a year”.

Produced in small batches, this Swedish farm made oil is matured for 6 months before bottling, to naturally improve its quick-drying properties.  It is 100% pure and has no chemical drying additives.  Touch dry 1-2 hours, fully dry 24-48 hours.  Drying time may vary depending on thickness of coating applied and local climatic conditions.


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