Feuerhand Lamp Oil 1 litre


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Feuerhand Lamp Oil is a paraffin-based high-quality and transparent liquid fuel.


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The Feuerhand Lamp Oil is perfectly suited to operate the Feuerhand hurricane lantern Baby Special 276 as well as every common kerosene and oil lamp.

Excellent fuel for garden and terrace
The Feuerhand Lamp Oil features a high fuel purity and thus provides for an odourless burning with little soot. Thanks to excellent ingredients and substance properties, the lamp oil favours the cotton wicks to saturate the optimal way, has a positive effect on their durability and produces an even flame. A Baby Special 276 reliably burns up to 20 hours with one tankful of Feuerhand Lamp Oil.

Easy handling
The filler neck of the 1 litre bottle provides for an easy filling of the Feuerhand hurricane lanterns as well as every common high-pressure, kerosene or oil lamp. The filler neck can be removed. The child safety lock at the bottle closure guarantees a safe handling and storage of the Feuerhand Lamp Oil.

Technical data
Capacity: 1 litre(s)

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