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Sea to Summit Comfort Deluxe SI Mat - Double

plush 4-inch thick sleeping mat that truly epitomizes camping comfort


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The height of camping luxury has been realized with this plush 4-inch thick sleeping mat that truly epitomizes camping comfort. The internal foam "walls" add comfort at low pressures and temperatures, and the multi-function valve makes deflation as easy as can be when you're ready to pack up and go. A luxurious, soft knit face fabric affords sleepers the luxury of comfortably slumbering directly on the mat.

Be warned: when pulling this one out for house guests - they may end up staying longer than planned. It's also ideal for van life and overlanding.

Regular: 3 lb 8 oz - Lighter than a standard pillow (does not include the chocolate mint)

Packed Size Comparison
Similar in size to a folding camp chair

4 Season: You'll be ready for the sea or a base-camp any time of year

Dog toenails (or much of anything else) won't push through this comfortable fabric any time soon


  • R-Value : 5.2

  • Thickness : 4 in / 10 cm

  • Utilizes Delta Core™ technology, which decreases bulk and weight while still offering great support and pack-ability.

  • Patent-pending multi-function valve twists over to allow the mat to be rolled tightly and prevents re-inflation as you pack up

  • The luxurious 30D knit polyester fabric is soft and warm to the touch with an anti-slip print

  • Comes with stuff sack

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