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Petromax HK 150 Crome

Petromax HK 150

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suitable for
Camping Expeditions

The Petromax HK150 is smaller than the Petromax HK500.

However, with its 29 cm (11.4 inches), it is an equally elegant pressure light. Handling and function are identical to the "big sister".

Because of its low weight and short height, the HK150 fits well into the camping equipment.

The cylinder consists of high temperature-resistant glass. Thus, a Petromax

Technical details:
- Height: 11.4 inches
- Diameter: 4.92 inches
- Weight: 3 pounds
- Tank capacity: 0.375 litre
- Burning time: 4-6 hours
- Illumination: 100 watts

- Fuel: Kerosene or paraffin oil (Petromax Alkan)

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