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Helko Werk Field Strop

Portable, heavy duty, small-sized - to fit in a backpack - two-sided Field Strop


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Portable, heavy duty, small-sized (to fit in a backpack) two-sided Field Strop.

It is wider than the normal strop to accommodate axe blades. Both ends of the wooden frame are rounded off to allow for easy packing without snagging. The addition of a thumb-or-finger hole for grip, instead of a longer handle, keeps length to a minimum. The wood frame is a thick 12mm Baltic Birch plywood for max strength and dimensional stability and sanded off at the end to reduce weight and provide a one of a kind finish.

Thick 4mm veg tan leather has been used, and the strop is available as skin (smooth) up on both faces, or skin up one side and flesh (rough) up on the other side. Your chioce!

Total Length: 230mm

Total Width: 80mm


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