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Tentipi Floor Pro 5

Floor Pro 5


suitable for
Duke of Edinburgh Awards activities Forest Schools Association activities Camping Expeditions

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Tentipi floors are available in two grades - Comfort and Pro.

Either grade of floor can be used with any of our tent models (except only Comfort grade is available in size 15).

Need not be detached
Is automatically in the correct position when the Nordic tipi is put up because it need not be detached when packing the tent.

Zip cover
Protects the zip from dirt.

Stretches out nicely
A stretching device makes it easy to get the floor nice and flat. It also improves the seal between the floor and fabric, helping to keep insects out.

Made of light, strong, high tenacity polyamide fabric which is much stronger than standard fabrics. The floor has four zips which allow flexible opening possibilities.

'V-opening': Open from the door. To avoid having dirty boots on the tent floor.

'O-opening': Open from the centre and outwards. This allows you to brush off bread crumbs on the ground rather than on the floor. Also enables use of stove or open fire.

'U-opening': A large opening from the door and round the central pole. For wood storage, open fire or to have ground contact.

Weight: 1.38 kg

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