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Blade Tech Chef Kitchen Knife Sharpener

Our new Blade Tech Chef provides superb, hands free sharpening with ease.

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Camping bushcraft Expeditions

The pre set angle sharpening system produces an excellent edge on almost any knife, every time. Normally, achieving a consistent angle using conventional sharpeners is a skilled job but the Blade Tech Chef makes it easy to achieve professional results every time. Simply fix the Blade Tech chef to the work surface by holding it down and flipping the lever. The rubber suction cup grips firmly for stable, safe sharpening experience by enabling you to use it with just one hand.

Once the Chef is secured, simply draw the knife through the diamond polished tungsten V, using only light pressure. Repeat the process until the edge is super sharp. 8-10 passes should do it, even on very blunt knives.

As with all Blade Tech products, the Blade Tech Chef comes with our Evermore Lifetime Warranty and a 30 day full money back guarantee.

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