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Care Plus Blisterplaster Medium

The waterproof blister plasters are new to the range. Care Plus Blister Plasters are available in three sizes and shapes: Small, Medium and Finger and Toe.


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Our Blister Plasters reduce pain and alleviate pressure. The blister remains free of water and dirt, allowing skin to recover. Use the blister plaster on clean, dry, and grease-free skin. The flexible and waterproof plaster remains in place for up to seven days. We recommend against removing the plaster until it falls off. Continue using the blister plaster until the blister is completely healed.

Reduces pain and relieves pressure.
The blister remains free of water and dirt.
Flexible and waterproof.
Remains affixed for up to 7 days.

Instructions for use:
Ensure the skin is clean, non-greasy and dry.
Select a plaster with the right size or shape.
Remove the paper and place the plaster on top of the blister. For the best result, do not reposition the plaster.
Press the Blister Plaster and smooth the edges.
Only remove the plaster once it comes off by itself. This may take a few days. Wish to remove it earlier? Pull the plaster off slowly and carefully while keeping it close to the skin.
Continue using a Care Plus Blister Plaster until the blister has healed completely.

Never apply Care Plus Blister Plasters to infected skin.
The plasters are suitable for one-time use.
We recommend that diabetics consult a doctor before using the plasters.
Keep Blister Plasters out of reach of children.

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