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Product News

Posted: 27-Apr-2019

If you want to get of the beaten Trails contact Simon Yates an amazing Mountaineer and explorer

Posted: 29-Jul-2018

We have just taken delivery of the amazing light weight Helinox Cot One Convertable beds for those out there who want comfort without having to lug around a big heavy load! And for all our Tentipi customers out there, we also have the leg extensions to raise it up to a more leisurely height.

We also have the outrageously comfortable Helinox Sunset chairs in stock. Typical Helinox, light and compact but comes with a warning! You wont want to get out of it!!

Posted: 15-Jul-2018

I’ve always said that the key to enjoying time in the outdoors depends on the right kit. However, it doesn’t matter how amazing your tent is or how comfy your boots are, if every night you go to bed your quality of sleep is ruined by a cold and lumpy experience! Now this blog is truly customer driven as the feed back we get about this subject is, shall we say passionate! Every one loves a kip!!

As Tentipi is a huge brand for us, we spent a long time looking for comfortable sleeping options for our customers who prioritized comfort over pack weight. Our first port of call was the good old cot bed and we definitely favour the Cam-o-Bunk by Disc-o-Bed due to its incredibly tough build quality and comfort. However, there are a lot of people that just want a really good inflatable sleeping mat. Now the problem with sleeping mats has always been that to make them more comfy manufacturers have just made them thicker, thus increasing the amount of air inside. Unfortunately this means that more of your precious body heat is wasted trying to heat up that air beneath you, leading to a cold nights sleep. Now we have the answer!

The Sea to Summit Comfort Deluxe S.I. mat employs what they call their Delta Core System, which uses a foam matrix inside to insulate you by reducing the air content and eliminating cold spots. We think it gives an unparalleled nights sleep and so do our customers. Its amazing how many people have said “Its more comfy than my bed at home”. The Sea to Summit Comfort Deluxe S.I. mat is available in a regular length, a long version for those of us who are tall and in a double. Anyway the best way to give an overview of a product is with a cheesy video, so if you want to know more just click and watch.


Posted: 11-Jul-2018

We’ve blogged about Firepot Food by Outdoor food before. And I have to say that the more we eat the more we like it!! And that is also the case for our customers too. John the man behind the product has just sent us a link to a video which explains what they are all about, so I thought I would share it. Here it is, just click and watch.


Posted: 8-Jul-2018

Petromax was created in 1910 in Germany by Max Graetz. The company produced high quality paraffin lamps along the lines of the Tilley lamp in the UK and the Coleman lamp in America. The name “Petromax”, is derived from “Petroleum Maxe”, which was the nick name his friends and relatives affectionately called him. Ultimately, the lamp became a world-wide best-seller. Scroll on almost a century and a German chap called Jonas Taureck whilst travelling in Africa became fascinated by these ancient lamps, which still lit the remote villages that he and his friend passed through. On returning to Germany he did his homework and began buying old lamps and stripping them to see how they worked. He began by selling spare parts and soon managed to acquire the ‘sleeping’ Petromax brand name so he could begin to manufacture the lamps again in the way that Max Graetz had intended.

The Petromax product portfolio began to grow as Jonas realized that it wasn’t only paraffin lighting technology that the outdoor industry had forgotten about. Petromax soon moved in to the realms of outdoor cookware. With a huge range of cast iron cookware including Dutch Ovens, Skillets and even Bread tins, Petromax have become a bit of a legend among those who love to cook out doors. The range now is so big that what ever you would like to cook there is likely a Petromax product that will enable you to do it. And all designed with tradition in mind!

For any questions about Petromax products please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Wey Farm Outdoors.

Posted: 17-Jun-2018

We have a tendency to use pretty flimsy excuses to test the gear we stock at the best of times, but with the great weather we have been having it wasn’t hard to persuade ourselves to crack open a Petromax Griddle and Fire Bowl for an evening snack! This product is meant to be used as either a griddle for cooking or as a raised fire bowl.

This was a test of the griddle part of the deal not its prowess as a fire bowl, so we lit the fire and screwed the legs on the griddle. The Griddle and fire bowl is built in the typical Petromax Manner, i.e. sturdy and sensible, and as long as the ground beneath is relatively flat, then its a walk in the park to prepare everything for cooking. The griddle itself is made from reassuringly thick steel so it spreads the heat nicely and evens out the fluctuations in heat from the fire.

The griddle bowl as the name suggests is concave which initially can be a challenge especially with sausages as they want to roll to the middle all the time. However, once you have got your head around the complexities of banger management, then the dished profile makes perfect sense. Its far better for the sausages to roll to the center of the bowl than to roll off into the fire!! So, as you can see in the picture we didnt ask to much of the griddle! a few burgers, sausages and some kebabs are hardly Michelin star levels of grub but we did have a professional chef with us and he was full of praise for the griddle.

So all in all the Petromax Griddle gets a big thumbs up from not only us, but from a professional chef as well!

Posted: 3-Jun-2018

We’ve just had a customer pay us a visit looking for a new pair of boots for a trip to the lakes. After trying on a few pairs on, which in his words “felt ok” I suggested he tried a pair of Aku Alterra GTX.

Once the laces were tied I stood back to witness what we now term the ‘Alterra dance’. The Alterra dance is a strange phenomenon which we are seeing more and more as the Aku Alterra GTX out paces all our other boots in terms of units sold. The Alterra Dance goes like this - The customer puts on a pair of Alterra’s, Stands up and walks across the shop. Then turns round with a slightly confused look on their face. This is followed by an odd little shuffling jig which often leads to the customer prancing and dancing around the shop. The comments then start flowing : They’re so comfy! They feel like trainers! they definitely don’t feel like my old boots! We more often than not end up putting the customers old pair in a bag, so they can wear the Alterra’s home! And yes I’ve even seen an ex Royal Marine do the Alterra dance in full. They have a strange effect on people!

So, why do the Alterra’s cause perfectly rational people to act like this? Well, Its all down to what AKU call the ‘Elica System’. Its a complicated concept to describe so we’ve added this video to allow the experts at AKU to explain it!

So, hopefully the video has explained why so many people love the AKU Alterra GTX so much. in fact I was out walking with a friend of mine a few days ago who has a pair, and he truly believes they have had a huge effect on his walking, both in comfort whilst walking, and in post walk fatigue. And as our staff members boots come up for retirement then surprise surprise, they are being replaced by Alterra’s. Currently, three of our guys are ‘prancing’ around in a pair of Alterra’s and they will hate me for saying this but all of them did the Alterra Dance!

Posted: 2-Jun-2018

As Primus say “the stove for the devoted campsite chef”. The Tupike is a 2 burner, high quality stove which is designed to run on small backpackers gas canisters.

This allows you to cook meals out and about without carrying heavy gas bottles around with you. However, if you intend to use the stove close to the car then it can be run on large refillable gas cylinders as well.

The design of the Tupike allows for easy transportation, due to the nicely finished lid and handy carry handle. This really is the cream of the crop when it comes to camping stoves!

Posted: 27-May-2018

The outdoor industry is like a huge ocean full of products and brands that even those who work in the trade are sometimes a touch bemused by, let alone the customer! What sets one product or brand apart from the rest? Why does one brand use different materials than another? Well, we have decided to try and unpick a few of these questions a little by periodically dissecting a product or a brand and giving a bit of background and history, as well as relevant pros and cons in order to clear the murk around them.

So lets start with Fjallraven!

Fjallraven was created in 1960 by Ake Nordin simply because he couldn’t find a ruck sack which didn’t hurt his back! So being a handy kind of guy he made his own. It was so good everyone else wanted one and as a result Fjallraven was born. Fjallraven is Swedish for Arctic Fox, hence the instantly recognizable logo. After the success of his rucksack, Ake decided to tackle the issue of condensation in tents, by designing the Thermo Tent. By using a two layer principle the damp was banished!

Thanks to the knowledge of materials gained from his work on tent design, Ake turned his hand to clothing and in 1968 produced the Greenland Jacket, made from a revised and refined tent fabric he called G1000. A cotton/polyester mix which still forms the basis of Fjallraven’s range to this day (with a few tweaks and variations to suit). A couple of years after the Greenland Jacket won acclaim Ake decided to develop trousers to match the success of the Greenland Jacket and in 1970 the Greenland Trousers were born. Again using the remarkable G1000 material.

Anyway lets fast forward! In essence the rest of the history of the brand has been one of continuous development of outdoor gear to enable everyone to get out and enjoy nature, and they have not only produced some of the finest products by combining old and new techniques and materials but have always held environmental sustainability high of their list of priorities.

Ok, now we have dealt with the back ground to Fjallraven, lets look at their materials because in my mind its the materials as well as the build quality that sets Fjallraven apart. Many of their materials have been developed in house and those that haven’t have been cherry picked from some of the finest suppliers in the industry. The list of materials that Fjallraven use is pretty extensive so I will concentrate on their four core materials, what they do best!

G1000 is a blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton which can be made water repelant by the application of Fjallravens specially blended Greenland Wax (a very easy process). The ability to be selective over where and how much Greenland Wax to use has produced a clothing system which can not only be tailored to the individual person but also to the specific conditions they find themselves in. I for example wax the leg ends, the knees and the seat of my trousers for normal outdoor use, leaving all parts that wont come into contact with damp ground still fully breathable. However, if i know that its going to rain hard then i will wax the rest of the trousers, often to varying degrees dependent on water contact (i tend to wax the front of the trousers more than the back as i mostly walk forward not backwards!!). And as long as you have a heat source (Camp fire or stove), this process can be done out on the hills, making it truly adaptable for the conditions. G1000 is available in a number of forms, namely Original, Silent, Lite and Heavy Duty. The names are pretty descriptive and i think all i need to say is that they are made to suit different applications but all share the G1000 properties. For a guide to the use of Greenland Wax click on this link.

Not a revolutionary new material I know, but Fjallraven believe that if it does a job better than everything else why change it. Wool is warm even when damp, wicks away moisture, is odour and dirt resistant and can also keep you cool (honestly, it can!!). Fjallraven use a number of different types of wool, each with specific attributes which lend themselves to particular jobs. Now most of us are aware that wool keeps us warm due to its ability to trap warm air next to the body, even when wet. But how on earth can wool keep you cool I hear you ask! Well, its all due to wool’s ability to wick away moisture. As the moisture is drawn away from the body it begins to evaporate from the surface of the fabric, this is termed evaporative cooling (for a liquid to evaporate it requires heat to turn it to a vapour. The heat then dissipates with the vapour). In essence this process naturally happens on our skin when we sweat (sweating cools us!). What wool does is simple facilitate this natural process. As usual Fjallraven do what they can to source their wool sustainably, including using locally sourced and recycled material.

A truly breathable water and wind resistant material which is both made from recycled polyester and uses PFC free impregnation to achieve its goals. The PFC impregnation works in conjunction with a hydrophilic membrane underneath to help sweat escape whilst keeping the rain out. I wont go into the physics of this material but its a cracker and still lives up to Fjallravens eco standards to boot.

For more info on PFC’s and Fjallravens PFC free impregnation click on this link.

Down is a hot topic these days. Consumers have realized that the production of down can be far from kind to the birds that produce it! However, we cant ignore the fact that as an insulation material it is superb! So, what does a company like fjallraven do when faced with ‘the down question’. Well they do what is morally right, seemingly before most companies realized there was an issue! Which means that their down is more ethical than most if not all other brands. in fact they top the ‘Four Paws Cruelty Free Challenge’ a scheme set up to clarify where and how our animal derived materials are produced. if you want to know more about the Four Paws Cruelty Free Challenge please click on this link.

Needless to say Fjallraven use great quality down in their garments but if i tried to explain the complexities of down here id still be writing this time next week, so if you want to learn a little more about down click on this link and have a read.

So to conclude. Fjallraven over the past 58 years have developed an impressive range of clothing and equipment that covers most requirements for the outdoor lifestyle. They have achieved this by combining the best of old technologies and materials with new thinking and fabric development to produce a range which has impressive functionality and longevity, and although Its built for a purpose but manages to look stylish at the same time.

Posted: 12-May-2018

Here at Wey Farm Outdoors we are happy to announce that we are now stocking Fire Pot Meals.

Created by people who not only understand nutrition, but also the demands that outdoor activities place on the body. The result of Dorset based Fire Pots R&D has been this small but growing range of meals, which not only taste great but are formulated to provide balanced nutrition when ever and where ever its needed.

We had a tasting day here at Wey Farm Outdoors where we got as many people as possible to try these meals and without exception the feed back was positive! There were a lot of Mmmmm’s and Yummmm’s emanating from the shop!!

Posted: 12-May-2018

The Kuchoma Grill From Primus has definitely filled a niche in the market! In essence it is a gas BBQ which runs on small gas cartridges like this:

As opposed to lugging big gas bottles around with you! This easy to clean grill which is packed full of neat details has been really popular with our customers. With positive feed back coming in to us here at Wey Farm Outdoors already.

Posted: 6-May-2018

Great as a sun shade or to keep you dry, depending on how the summer turns out! Come and pay us a visit at Wey Farm Outdoors in Surrey.

Posted: 6-May-2018

The Uco Candlelier is a perfect option for illuminating all your outdoor activities.

Bright but not glaring light, also produces a surprising amount of heat, which is hand for those cold nights in the tent. In stock now at Wey Farm Outdoors in Surrey.

Posted: 6-May-2018

Great new products from Primus! The Campfire Cooler and Cooler Backpack Ideal for keeping cold stuff cold!

Both pack down small when empty to save room in the car on the way home! In stock now at Wey Farm Outdoors.

Posted: 6-May-2018

We are now stocking three sizes of UCO Candle Lanterns (MIni, Original and Candlelier).

As well as both standard and citronella replacement candles and reflectors. Great product that has stood the test of time for more than 45 years.