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Fire Dragon Solid Fuel

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FireDragon is a environmentally friendly solid fuel. It is born out of a need for a new cleaner, greener, and safer fuel.

UK soldiers have for many years been commenting on their need for a fuel that can be used quickly in combat situations, that is easy to light, safe to carry, and can be used in confined spaces. Whilst the current generation of hexamine blocks used by the military offer an air transportable option, their overall quality is far from what is expected of modern military grade products. Problems with hexamine blocks include formation of toxic gases when used, and large variations in the burning performance of the blocks.

Born out of the natural firey passion of South Wales and its coal mining heritage, Fire Dragon, is the product to fix these problems.

Through its tradition of in-house development and collaboration with Cardiff University, BCB International is pleased to offer a truly unique and technically advanced solid fuel.

​Burns even when wet​​
✔ ​​​​​​Suitable for extreme conditions​​​
​✔​​ Easy to light​​
​✔​​ ​High calorific value​
(approx. 28,000 kJ / kg)
​✔​​ ​Lightweight​​
​✔​​ ​Non Toxic​​
​✔​​ ​Odourless​
​✔​​ ​Quick boil time (500ml in 5 mins)
​✔​​ ​Long burn time​​​ (2 for 15 mins)
​✔​​ Cost Efficient​​​
​✔​​ Environmentally friendly​​​​
​✔​​ Made from natural ingredients​​​​
​✔​​ ​Clean - very little soot​​​
​✔​​​ ​Renewable​​
​✔​​ Low luminosity​​​
​✔​​ ​Easy storage​​​
​✔​​ Safe to be packed with food​
​✔​​​ Can be used as a hand sanitiser​*
​✔​​​ Air transportable ​- UN class 4.1,
Packing class II​​

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