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Disc-o-bed Sol-o-cot

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Look no further than Disc-O-Bed for sleep solutions built for the outdoors. Disc-O-Bed's patented disc system is real world-tested to withstand the rigours of the Red Cross, the U.S. Army, and others who face the unique demands of outdoor living on a daily basis.

Sol-o-cot is the most compact pack from Disc-O-Bed, the Single bed is a perfect at-home or at-camp solution for a great night’s sleep, even on uneven terrain. With a weight capacity of 300lbs (136kg), this extremely convenient sleep solution sleeps adult or child comfortably.

No tools required for assembly
Stores Compactly in its own carry bag when not in use
Steel Construction

manufactured for comfort and built to last For strength and durability in one tidy package, thid single bed really delivers.

Beige, powder coated, anti rust steel frame
Outer dimensions: 81.75” (208cm) L x 32.25” (82cm) W x 19” (48.5cm) H
Sleep area: 79” (201cm) L x 27.75” (70.5cm) W
Height of cot: 14.75” (37.5cm)
Pack dimensions: 32.25” (82cm) L x 10.25” (26cm) W x 5” (12.5cm) H
Weight of cot: 26.5lbs (12.1kg) - Shipping weight (in box): 27.25lbs (12.5kg)
Weight tolerance: 300lbs (136kg) per single cot

1 Single beige cot
2 Bed end frames
4 Straight legs
1 Green Polyester mat
4 Black discs
4 Swaged side rails
2 Straight side rails
4 Square foot plugs
1 Green canvas carry bag

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