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Blade Tech Classic Knife & tool Sharpener with canvas belt pouch - black

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The Classic has definitely earned its title as the ultimate knife and tool sharpener as it re-shapes and sharpens almost any straight edged blade - even the dullest edge and the hardest stainless steel! Weighing just 14 grams and measuring only 75mm x 25mm x 3mm thick means that its ideal for use around the house and garden but is also light and easy to carry with you wherever you go - even on your keys! Each Blade Tech Classic comes with its own canvas belt pouch

Anodised finish,
Aircraft aluminium body and rivets,
Polished tungsten carbide technology,
Evermore Lifetime Warranty,
30 day satisfaction guarantee,
Made in the UK.

What Can I sharpen with a Blade Tech Classic?
The Classic will sharpen almost any straight edged knife including hunting knives, kitchen knives, fishing knives, butchery knives, pen knives etc. along with shears, household scissors, loppers, secateurs, scythes, garden edging spades, axes, lawn mower blades and more!

How do I use a Blade Tech Classic to sharpen knives?
Place the Blade Tech Classic flat and overhanging the edge of a flat surface. Place the knife blade in the centre of the wedge or V, and draw the knife downwards with light pressure. This will sharpen both sides of the blade at once. For full instructions on sharpening knives and other tools please see video tutorials on this page.

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