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Care Plus First Aid Kit Basic

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The Care Plus First Aid Kit Basic from Tropenzorg is a compact, handy set with basic First Aid materials. This compact nylon case can be attached to a trouser belt or bicycle handlebars with Velcro. This First Aid Kit is suitable for people taking a short trip and who need the basic equipment.

Care Plus First Aid Kit Basic is always handy and especially suitable for short trips, day trips, outdoor sports activities and bicycle trips. Also handy for in the dashboard of your car or in the kitchen.

5 items Compresses 5x5 cm
1 item Hydrophilic bandage 5 cm x 4 m
6 items Plasters 19x38 mm
5 items Plasters 25x72 mm
2 items Plasters 60x10 mm
1 item Emergency bandage 12x12 cm
1 item Roll fixing tape 1.25 cm x 1 m
1 item Pair of vinyl gloves
4 items Alcohol wipes
1 item Pair of first aid scissors (small)
1 item Pair of tweezers
1 item Packet of safety pins (6 pins)
1 item List of contents

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