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Steeped in Swedish engineering, Primus has been globally recognized for pioneering outdoor cooking since 1892. Since then their innovative products have made countless expeditions possible through outstanding quality and performance.

At Primus the ambition is to provide outdoor lovers with the freedom to explore. Itís an aspiration that gives them a very simplistic view on life - that every day is a potential adventure, that the spirit of adventure can make a humdrum day into a great day.

More than scaling Everest or trekking through Mongolia, to Primus it means adventure is a humble walk in the woods, a picnic at the beach, a single spark of imagination. Itís for this reason that the past 125 years have been dedicated to engineering and perfecting outdoor cooking equipment for adventures of any size. Because, big or small, they believe adventures start from a good meal. Because food fuels our bodies and eating inspires our imaginations.

Primus Onja Duo Stove

price: £139.95

Primus Express Spider

price: £64.95

Primus Lite+

price: £129.95

Primus OmniFuel incl fuel bottle

price: £219.95

Primus PrimeTech Stove Set 1.3L

price: £139.95

Primus Kuchoma Grill

price: £175.00

Primus CampFire Prep Set

price: £64.95

Primus 4 Season Mug 0.3 L

price: £9.95

Primus CampFire Cutlery set

price: £12.95

Primus Campfire Cutting Set

price: £64.95

Primus Meal Set - Green

price: £19.95

Primus TrailBottle Tritan 1L - Black

price: £14.95

Primus TrailBottle Tritan 1L - Blue

price: £14.95

Primus TrailBottle Tritan 1.0L - Moss

price: £14.95

Primus CampFire Utility Sack

price: £29.95

Primus CampFire Apron

price: £45.00

Primus Cooler Backpack

price: £85.00

Primus Cooler

price: £55.00

Primus Fuel Bottle - Forest green 0.35 L

price: £14.95

Primus Fuel Bottle - Forest green 0.6 L

price: £15.95

Primus Fuel Bottle - Forest green 1.0 L

price: £18.95

Primus CampFire Table

price: £110.00